Few things compare to the diversity and beauty found within a sculpture gallery. Whether viewing past or present artwork, the imagination is set free upon investigating these unique and vibrant masterpieces. The ancient world combines with the modern day to bring the viewer a piece of history that ignites the mind and heart.

What are some of the popular styles that can be discovered within a sculpture gallery?

Animals such as cheetahs, eagles, horses, buffalo, and even household pets come to life. Animals can be depicted in real life size or in miniature, depending on the artist. Whether realistic or not, each animal is posed regally, realistically, playfully, or lovingly to elicit emotion from the viewer. Whether the doe is with her fawn, the eagle is swooping in on a field mouse, or a buffalo is watching over the herd, each animal is poised to take the imagination of the viewer to a place far away.

Children are always a popular addition to display. A group of children quietly reading, a baby asleep in a mother’s arms, or some children frolicking in a garden allows the viewer to smile and reminisce of times passed. Innocence and playfulness bring any sculpture gallery to life, appealing to the young and old alike. Parents often have a certain time period in their children’s lives immortalized in sculpture. This is a stunning way to hold on to a moment in time long after it is gone.

Another popular subject often found within those walls is classified as a “bust”. A bust is a realistic depiction of a person, generally from the chest up. Presidents and famous individuals are often depicted with a bust. Both classic and contemporary busts have survived the ages, standing as the only proof remaining of a person’s life, regardless of their reputation or infamy. Many individuals enjoy busts because of the detail and craftsmanship involved in the creation process.

Perhaps some of the earliest masterpieces discovered can be found within ancient Egyptian society. The sphinx, King Tut, tomb guards, and mythical beasts all have found a home in a sculpture gallery. Many of those masterpieces are replicated from the originals discovered buried in tombs or still standing with a watchful eye over today’s modern Egyptians. Egypt brings the world many ancient pieces of art that are part of the only remaining evidence of this once great civilization.

The classic-Greek, classic-Roman, and neoclassic eras have all been immortalized in artwork. The durability of statues and figurines have allowed for ancient history to survive through the millenniums. The techniques used to create those masterpieces have changed little throughout the ages. The appreciation for the artwork is displayed today as proudly as it was displayed in the years gone by.

However, not all masterpieces are found within the four walls of a sculpture gallery. In fact, some unique and wonderful pieces of art can be found in personal gardens around the world, in graveyards as memorials for lost loved ones, or in parks, mimicking the children at play. Artwork knows few boundaries, and artists excel at pushing those boundaries to new heights. Each piece brings emotion and respect, commanding the attention it deserves.

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