There are many places where bronze sculptures are found and enjoyed, including homes, gardens, parks, zoos, tombs and much more. No doubt, anyone that has ever walked into a state park or a historical area in a city has seen these compelling works of art. They are used to depict historically significant people, animals, objects and events to the public for all time. Governors, Presidents, Senators, Congressmen, movie stars, legends and even characters from books and plays have been made into larger than life models.

Greek busts and statues are popular pieces for decoration in gardens. Bronze sculptures such as these have remained popular throughout the years. Greek Gods, Goddesses, and political figures are often depicted in these large models. A statue usually shows the entire body of the man or woman while the bust shows a chest and head model only.

All types of bronze sculptures can range in size from small (the size of a bookend) to quite large (measuring several stories in height). They can be found in museums, standing alone, or sitting atop of a marble pedestal. The range in possible magnitude makes this medium unique compared to painting or photography. The size of these artworks does not typically range larger than 30 feet.

Historical athletes have also become a large part of the bronze sculptures that are on display in this country as well as around the world. Boxing icons, baseball heroes, football hall-of-fame members, basketball players, and other legendary sports personas have all been captured in these giant works of art. Having one’s figure depicted in a sculpture is an honor for future legends to aspire to.

Animals have also been preserved for the ages through figurative representations in bronze sculptures. A visit to nearly any metropolitan zoo will no doubt include a larger than life piece of animals such as elephants, bears, lions, tigers, hippopotamuses, giraffes and many more. Some animal lovers have chosen this type of art work to honor domestic animals such as a dog, a cat or even a horse that belonged to their family.

There is no limit to the different types of people, places and things that have become works of art through this artistic process. Automobiles, horse carriages, steam engines and ships have all been presented to the public through this medium.

In ancient times, this type of artistic work was used in pyramids and tombs. Many statues have been found among the ruins in Egypt and Native American burial grounds in the United States. These finds prove that sculpture work has long been a respectful way to honor important societal figures.

It has been said that the imitation is the greatest form of flattery. That seems to be the case with this artistic medium. Immortality has been a sought after wish since the creation of man. Sculptures have offered a tangible avenue for one to achieve immortality since antiquity. These pieces will endure throughout the ages to tell a story to those who happen upon them in the future.

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