An art foundry is a business or location capable of casting and creating beautiful pieces of artwork. The process is actually complicated, making an art foundry a piece of heaven for those people needing these services. Having access to such a place allows for those creative juices to flow, and gives the artist the opportunity to create statues or other masterpieces.

A popular way of getting those lifelike, and sometimes life size sculptures, is to use the lost wax casting process. A mold is akin to a negative in photography. However, with the lost wax casting process, the casting is actually flip-flopped not just once but twice. First, the negative to positive flipped image is set into a rubber mold. Then that negative to positive flipped image is cast again using a ceramic mold.

The rubber mold is actually interesting because it is very flexible allowing it to be reused if handled properly. The rubber mold is generally opened revealing the casting in wax. Removing the rubber mold does not harm the casting or the mold. The mold is made by using a layer of liquid rubber. By placing that liquid over the other mold, there is a nice, thick blanket that can be up to an inch in thickness.

Of course, the wax mold is a vital part of the process allowing for that masterpiece to come to life. Generally, the wax is molded into a perfect three dimensional replica of the piece to be created. The wax casting is a vital part of the process working with the rubber mold to create an amazing replication. Touching up the wax is important. This allows the person working through this process to see what needs to be fixed or touched up with the mold before the ceramic mold is created. Remember, this is similar to the adage, “Measure twice; cut once”.

An art foundry is skilled at providing instruction, as well as completing custom projects. Sometimes, having an image come to life starts with a professional, at least until some experience is gained.

Someone wanting a custom look and feel within the home or office can also utilize an art foundry. Imagine custom statues of the children. Many people may choose those statues to be life size. The possibilities are virtually endless. Whether bronzing baby shoes or even bronzing baby teeth, there are benefits to hiring a professional for those custom needs. Even custom sculptures can be designed to the specifications of the client. Now imagine being able to have those classic sculptures in the home. Many people have chosen to have a statue of some kind next to the family pool. Whatever the desire, these replications are made possible by this process.

If someone is looking for an art foundry it means exploring the world of possibilities in art. Yes, a person can cement those special moments in life through a statue or sculpture, but many more options are opened by the production of classics. By looking at these possibilities, a family can preserve special moments in history.

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