Architects and Engineers

We have lots of experience working with architects and engineers and we are happy to sit down with you and go over your specific needs for your project.  Most large projects put aside some money for art and we can help you bring this part of your project in on time and budget.



We specialize in working with you one on one.  We are not a large foundry turning out hundreds of sculptures a day,  but if you want some special attention then that is what we are good at.  We are here to mentor you through the process and to help you make your dream creation a reality. If  you want to enlarge your sculpture or reduce it we can help you to save time and money in the process. We can have your maquette digitally scanned by a computerized 3D scanning technology that is extremely accurate. We can then have a foam replica made in any size. The artist can then use this replica as an armature or we can simply spray it with clay or coat it in wax and make your casting directly from this figure or the artist can work on the piece and refine it to what they desire.

From small to monumental, Betz Art Foundry can help you find the process and technology that you need to complete your fine art project.