We take great pride in our custom bronze work, and this provides you the opportunity to create a truly unique and original memorial.  We create bronze plaques and custom memorial sculptures, all with an exceptional eye for detail.

Our team of fine art designers will work with you to meet your specifications for your memorial, while helping to design a piece of fine art bronze that will endure with classic beauty and grace.

Plaques and medallions are a classic way to honor and commemorate an event, person, or achievment.  They can also add timeless beauty and ornamental elegance to architectural structures. 

Our team at Betz Art Foundry can help you create a unique and exceptional plaque for your project.  Our fine art designers are experienced in relief carving, and they can work with you to develop a magnificent bronze that conveys both aesthetic beauty and meaning.

We have created large memorial medallions for public projects like the Veterans Memorial Park and Museum in Tampa, Florida.  We have also worked with individuals who would like a personalized and custom plaque to honor their loved ones.  Whatever your project, we are experienced and happy to collaborate with you!


A war memorial offers the community a place of reverence and rememberence in the wake of great sacrifice.  Our team of fine art designers holds great respect for this, and we are experienced in creating art bronzes that communicate emotion and meaning to the viewer.

We have created large scale war memorials in both free-standing monuments and sculptural reliefs.  Our war memorials are featured in the Veterans Memorial Park and Museum in Tampa, Florida.  Through direct and genuine collaboration with our clients, we create memorials that achieve both a universal expression of emotion and sense of unique and specific relevance for the community.


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