I am asked to create memorials, and plaques and medallions all the time and I like doing this type of work mainly because what I am really doing is making memories. In the picture to the right I am working on adding lilies a cat and humming birds to a Cypress Wood Cross that a client wanted for their memorial in Glenwood Cemetary, Houston, Texas. The client asked initially for just a wooden cross made out of bronze.

I always take the time to talk to my clients about their projects and motivation for creating them. I consider this one of the most important parts of my job because it is usually in this session that I find out about my clients desires and hopes for this unique creation. I want this to be more then special, I want this to have personal meaning for the people it is being created for and to be a timeless work of art.

So after our meeting I went back to my studio, and while creating a 6 foot Cypress Tree, I thought about what we had talked about at our meeting. During the first viewing of the clay original in my studio I presented them with some ideas that I had. While the Cypress Tree Cross was nice I wanted to make it more personal so knowing that my client loved lilies I added some hand tooled lilies and then I added three hummingbirds to add some movement and interest to the wreath of lilies. They really loved the idea and then my client asked if I could add her cat, who just passed away, at the bottom of the cross looking up at the humming birds. Of course I could! She would never have come up with this wonderful addition if we had not spent that time in my studio in the creative process, co-creating an original and personal work of art.

I do this with all my clients and that is why I called this post Medallions, Memorials and “Memories” . This picture to the right is a memorial to “Jacob”, he spent his young life confined to a wheel chair and after he was gone his family wanted a memorial to honor his memory. I did several sketches for them before I came up with this idea of Jacob being freed to leave the confines of his wheel chair and reach towards heaven with a smile and praise. This Memorial is meant to commemorate a young man, who despite great hardship and adversity, was never the less a joy and inspiration to everyone who met him and especially to the family that dearly loved him and I wanted to show that indomitable spirit.

This is another memorial plaque that was commissioned to honor our soldiers who fall in battle. ” All Give Some, Some Give All” there is no truer statement then that and the Battle Cross on the battle field is the symbol of that great sacrifice. I was honored and humbled to create this large plaque.

I do several memorials and plaques each year, and each one is special. If you are interested in finding out a project that is near and dear to your heart give me a call. I promise that we will co-create something very special.

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