We are experts at casting all sorts of artworks using only the finest grade of silicon bronze. Next the mold is used to create a wax replica. The wax replica is made by pouring 3-5 coats of heated wax into the rubber mold, temperatures and timing are critical to make a wax that will be exactly the right thickness and will retain all the details of the original. We then work on a refine the wax replica for any imperfections. Some artists like to work on the wax replicas at this stage or even to add elements to the sculpture. Numerous wax replicas can be pulled from a single mold.
The wax replicas will have to be dipped in a ceramic shell so that the wax can be melted out and the bronze poured in. But first each wax replica must have wax rods and fummels attatched to for path ways for the bronze to flow in and the air to escape when the wax is melted out of a ceramic shell.

After the wax is melted out of the shell the replica is ready for the bronze to be poured in. Betz Art Foundry only uses the highest quality silicon bronze for our sculptures. After the bronze has cooled the ceramic shell is chipped away and cleaned off and the metal is chased and polished and all pieces all reassembled and refined with small hand tools to preserve the finest of detail.