I created “Letting Go” at a time in my life when I was facing a very hard decision. I have often suffered from anxiety when I have to face big decisions and it was only through meditation and a strong spiritual life that I have been able to deal with it.  Learning to “Let Go” is not easy for me because people with anxiety want to try and control everything around them to gain a sense of security.  But in the end you really don’t control anything and the best thing that you can do is dive right into that fear and just Let Go……..

We always custom design the stainless steel base for “Letting Go” so that it is a water feature or a wave or whatever the client desires.  This would be a collaboration between the artist and the client so please call us for more information.

All of our sculptures are custom made by hand here at the Betz Art Foundry.  If you are interested in buying “Letting” please click the link below or feel free to call or email us .  Limited edition and comes with a signed and signed stamped certificate of authenticity.

Betz Art Foundry.  (713) 576-6954