The inspiration for Fallen Angel comes from the Book of Job. It tells about how God created a group of angels made specifically to watch over man.  Over time, however the angels started to fall in love with man and to take on our wicked ways. When God realized what was going on he smote the Angels.  My “Fallen Angel” is shown here looking down on man and grieving for what he has lost and what will never be.

Made of bronze with a granite base.  He is 13 inches tall, 17 inches long and 8 inches wide.  He is a limited edition sculpture and he comes with signed and stamped certificates of authenticity.

All of our sculptures are custom made by hand here at the Betz Art Foundry.  If you are interested in buying Fallen Angel please click the link below or feel free to call or email us .

Betz Art Foundry.  (713) 576-6954