by artist Lori Betz
30 inches tall

Bronze sculpture of Dominico Luciano, lead dancer in the Dominic Walsh Dance Theater. Dominico is a beautiful and powerful dancer and during my studio session with him we were fortunate enough to have the input for the choreography of this piece from Dominic Walsh, choreographer and owner of the Dominic Walsh Dance Theater.

Dominic Walsh brought so much inspiration and creative energy with him to that session, I do not think that I would have gotten the perfect pose to represent the idea of dance being the language of the soul otherwise.

One of the proud owners of this sculpture sent me this note:

“Hi Lori, … you probably know by now that you have in me a big fan, of your art and of your life choices. Just saying THANK YOU, for letting me take Dominico home. I put him in his place – and he looks gorgeous from every angle. What a beautiful piece of art. And, the day-light hits him just right and he seems to smile and … throws a big shadow (of things to come) … on the wall behind him. He looks splendid – floating and at ease. I might have to sign up for the ballet in Houston before he disappears somewhere “faster and bigger”. …

Again: THANKS for this beautiful piece of art directly from the artist. And, he has a “story” … – something I need for enjoying art, or beautiful collector pieces – a “story”: …

Thanks, Lori. Artists like you are Houston’s oxygen, make Houston worth while living in.



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