"Gratitude"   I created this newest sculpture during the 2020 Corona virus pandemic.  All my classes were canceled and all art festivals and events were canceled.  The upside is that this gave me more time in my studio to create new works.  My first inspiration was forRead more

Leap of Faith

Leap of Faith "Leap of Faith" is inspired by the idea that sometimes you have let go of fear and just take that leap of faith.  I have done this several times in my life and it is always a little scary and sometimes things did notRead more

Fallen Angel

FALLEN ANGEL The inspiration for Fallen Angel comes from the Book of Job. It tells about how God created a group of angels made specifically to watch over man.  Over time, however the angels started to fall in love with man and to take on our wickedRead more

Magical Fairy

Magical Fairy She is truly a magical fairy.  Made of bronze with a granite base.  She is 12 inches tall and 5 inches wide.  She is a limited edition sculpture and she comes with signed and stamped certificates of authenticity. All of our sculptures are custom madeRead more


"The Watchers" My inspiratin came from the Book of Enoch which is an old text that talks about how god had his angels watching over man to guide him and protect him but unfortunately the "watchers" fell in love with man through their interactions with man theyRead more


Cimmarron was my first horse and we barrel raced together. He was my inspiration for this sculpture.  He had a lot of spirit and was a beautiful horse. I still barrel race but I will never forget him.  He loved to run and was a free spirit. Read more


"American Indian" My omage to the great American west that I grew up in. RELATED ARTICLE Monuments And Life Sized Bronze Memorials, Plaques and Medallions Architectural Enchamcments Bronze Casting For Artists Atlas Sculpture balancing act Letting GoRead more