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Sculpture Workshop

June 15-16 and 22-23


Mold Making  and Armatures,  June 15-16  Friday and Saturday.   10am-3pm        The class will learn how to make an aramature and materials will be provided to make two armatures to take home. Then the class will work on sculting a basic head, we will go over anatomy and proportions,  and then we will use this sculpture to make a two part mold. More complicated molds will be discussed and demonstrated.  If you are an artist that already have a small sculpture ready to be cast please call me and we discuss casting this sculpture in this class for you.


Sculpting the Human Form w/live Model, June 22-23  Friday and Saturday. 10am-3pm     The class will learn proportions and sculpting a torso. We will go over armatures and different casting options.  We will also talk about creativity and different ways to represent the human form.


All Materials included  $75/class

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