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Small Battle Cross - Can be personalized

Lori Betz created and donated this bronze sculpture, Battle Cross, to the Helping a Hero National Gala.  Helping a Hero is a non-profit organization that fosters support for military personnel that have been wounded in service.  The Gala was a spectacular fundraising event that raised over $3 million to build specially-adapted homes for wounded soldiers.

The November 2012 National Gala featured George W. Bush as a Patriot Award winner. In addtion, a silent auction was held and this sculpture was amount the items auctioned that evening. We were very honotored to participate, said artist Lori Betz.  "We are deeply in debted to our soilders and we were so happy that our participation helped provide homes for our heros. It was our way to thank them."

This sculpture can be made to order and personalized. To order please contact us by using the form at the side of this page or call us at 713-576-6954

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