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Medallions, Memorials and Memories

I am asked to create memorials, and plaques and medallions all the time and I like doing this type of work mainly because what I am really doing is making memories.  In the picture to the right I am working on adding lilies a cat and humming birds to a Cypress Wood Cross that a client wanted for their memorial in Glenwood Cemetary, Houston, Texas.  The client asked initially for just a wooden cross made out of bronze.

I always take the time to talk to my clients about their projects and motivation for creating them.  I consider this one of the most important parts of my job because it is usually in this session that I find out about my clients desires and hopes for this unique creation. I want this to be more then special, I want this to have personal meaning for the people it is being created for and to be a timeless work of art.

So after our meeting I went back to my studio, and while creating a 6 foot Cypress Tree,  I thought about what we had talked about at our meeting. During the first viewing of the clay original in my studio I presented them with some ideas that I had.  While the Cypress Tree Cross was nice I wanted to make it more personal so knowing that my client loved lilies I added some hand tooled lilies and then I added three hummingbirds to add some movement and interest to the wreath of lilies.  They really loved the idea and then my client asked if I could add her cat, who just passed away, at the bottom of the cross looking up at the humming birds.  Of course I could! She would never have come up with this wonderful addition if we had not spent that time in my studio in the creative process, co-creating an original and personal work of art.


I do this with all my clients and that is why I called this post Medallions, Memorials and “Memories”  . This picture to the right is a memorial to “Jacob”, he spent his young life confined to a wheel chair and after he was gone his family wanted a memorial to honor his memory.  I did several sketches for them before I came up with this idea of Jacob being freed to leave the confines of his wheel chair and reach towards heaven with a smile and praise.  This Memorial is meant to commemorate a young man, who despite great hardship and adversity, was never the less a joy and inspiration to everyone who met him and especially to the family that dearly loved him and I wanted to show that indomitable spirit.


This is another memorial plaque that was commissioned to honor our soldiers who fall in battle.  ” All Give Some, Some Give All”  there is no truer statement then that and the Battle Cross on the battle field is the symbol of that great sacrifice.  I was honored and humbled to create this large plaque.

I do several memorials and plaques each year, and each one is special. If you are interested in finding out a project that is near and dear to your heart give me a call. I promise that we will co-create something very special.


About lori

I studied at the University of Texas in Austin in studio art and while there I was awarded an artist in residency grant at the Shigaraki Institute in Japan for a year. After that I traveled and studied with as many different instructors around the world with the goal to learn from each of them something unique. I studied in Greece with artist Alan Bain and in Cortona, Italy with artist Alex Deya. I came back to the United States in 1995 after years of studying and working in different part of the world and decided I was ready to open my own studio and gallery and to immerse myself in the process. Betz Art Gallery and Studio and was located in the Heart of Downtown Houston, Texas for 15 years and during that time I participated in many solo and group exhibitions and also created several small and large scale sculptures for public and private collections. I have collaborated with several renowned dancers to pose for me and be my inspiration. The sculpture “Swan Dance” was created with the help of Stanton Walsh, the creative director of the Houston Ballet and two of his soloists. In 2012 I decided to dedicate myself solely to my own work with a concentration on sculpture and opened Betz Art Foundry.. I have spent 25 years working exclusively in developing my talents as an artist and have displayed my art in both national and international venues. I have created numerous public sculptures including , two life sized “Angels Remembered” for a family memorial and a 6 foot “Cypress Tree Cross with Hummingbirds , Liliies and a Cat”, “ The Workers Monument”for the Chamber of Commerce in Pearland and the 7 foot “Battle Cross” and “World” Sculptures for the Veterans Memorial Park in Tampa, Florida, just to name a few of my public sculptures. I have also been commissioned to create several life sized busts for the CEO’s of major companies here in Houston, Texas. In the fall of 2015 I created the sculptures of the founders of Houston, “The Allen Brothers”, which are permanently install in front of Houston’s City Hall.
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