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Battle Cross - Tampa Florida War Memorial

Battle Cross -

Betz Art Foundry was commisssioned to create a Battle Cross, Bronze War Memorial Sculpture for the Veterans Memorial Park and Musuem in Tampa Florida. 

"We are very excited about being involved in this project because it has a lot of meaning to us and the veterans involved," said sculptor and owner, Lori Betz.  "This is just one of many sculptures we hope to create for this Memorial Park.  Foundry master Miguel Macias and I started working on this project by first doing a rough sketch for the committee involved in planning for the park."  Once the committee approved the sketch Betz started work on the “maquette” for the sculpture.  The maquette is a small version of what the original will look like made out of wax.  Betz traveled to Tampa and had the maquette approved. Watch the video below to see the presentation of the Battle Cross as well as the history and the story of our fallen heros.

The final sculpture will be six feet tall and the names of the fallen soldiers will be engraved in the base of the sculpture. To commission a battle cross memorial call 713-576-6954

You can find our more information about the Hillsborough County Iraq War Veterans Memorial on facebook at

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