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"Exhibition and Unveiling" ( 0 )

Meet The Allen Brothers "Exhibition and Unveiling"

“ Meet the Allen Brothers”  Preview Party and Exhibition  OCTOBER 25TH 6PM-9PM

This exhibition will feature  bronze sculptures by artist Lori Betz and she will also be previewing the completed life sized figures of the Allen Brothers, the founders of the city of Houston, before they are cast in the bronze. 

The Betz Art Foundry showroom is open daily and the public is welcomed to stop by during business hours and watch the artists at work.  There  will tours of the foundry and also talks about the lost wax process. Located in the historic arts district near downtown Houston, the foundry offers state of the art bronze casting services as well as original sculpture commissions and a sculpture showroom open to the public tuesday through saturday 10am-3pm. On display until December 30, 2014

• The opening reception will feature live music and refreshments
Betz Art Foundry is located at 2500 Summer Street,Houston. For more information about the foundry and for free quotes on casting 

713-576-6954, via e-mail

About Betz Art Foundry ( 14 )


"Allen Brother" sculptures in front of Houston's Downtown City Hall by artist Lori Betz



Most foundries have in-house sculpture artists that can work on custom art pieces. Betz Art Foundry is unique becuase Lori Betz is both the owner and the in-house sculptor. Betz's long career as a sculptor demonstrates her prowess and sophistication.  She has completed numerous commissioned works, both for individuals and for cities, such as Pearland, Tx. and the Tampa, Florida Veterans War Memorial Park.

Betz Art Foundry creates custom sculpture pieces, ranging in scale from miniatures to larger-than-life size works.  We will happily provide references upon request.  All of our custom sculptures and commissions are designed to meet the expectation of each of our clients. We keep them fully engaged in the process as we work through the stages, from the armature to the completed bronze sculpture.

We love to do commissions! Memorials, busts, or sculptures of your children or pets. We offer free consultations and quality work at affordable prices. Just call or email us to discuss your project.

We also feature a full showroom where the work of our sculptors is displayed. In addition, we feature original abstract and figurative paintings.

23614 Hickory Dr

Porter, Texas 77365

(713) 576-6954

Architectural Enhancements ( 0 )


We can customize a large variety of architectural elements to enhance your home, office, or outdoor property!  Details are integral to the beauty and refinement of our experiences. You can elevate your space with unique hardware, fountains, or sculpture.  Our designers are experienced fine artists, and they will be happy to customize designs around your specific space. 

Call or email for a quote on your project today!


Artist Clients ( 0 )

Some of the sculptures that we have cast for artists




Jerry Gorman with his sculpture "Black Jack Landry"











Artist John Edgerton














Artist  Shea










Artist Steve Clifford

Bronze Memorial Medallion ( 0 )


“Creating a Bronze Memorial Medallion for Dallas Area Rapid Trasit, D.A.R.T.”

The architectural firm of PhillipsMay in Dallas designed and built the new rapid transit
terminals in Dallas, Texas and they wanted a large bronze medallion to
commemorate the the new terminals.

They contacted me, artist and owner of the Betz Art Foundry to help them cast the design and I started this project by first hand carving the large medallion in clay.  We are artists here at the Betz Art Foundry and all our designs are meant to be works of art that stand the test of time, whether we are doing a memorial for the Court House Downtown Houston or for a private family or Firm.  It is a resposibility that we take personally because these memorials will be around for a very long time and they mean a lot to the friends and families involved.

I wanted to make sure that I had perfect circles to use for the foundation of the medallion so I built an armature out of aluminum first and added clay inside the form to crave out the design.  This gave the medallion some continuity and flow.





Design and texture were carefully added and the clay was taken to the client for approval. 

Once I had the go ahead I proceeded to make a large mold out of silicone rubber so that I could get a wax copy from the mold to use in the bronze casting process.  The medallion was to big to cast in one piece. When the molten bronze cools it can warp and is much harder to fix then if it is cast in several sections and welded together.








We do investment casting so we have to first take the wax and ‘invest” this in a slurry that will eventually go into our kiln and the wax will be melted out and the slurry will turn hard.  Then is hard vessel will be used to pour the melted bronze into it.  Then the hard shell will be chipped away and the bronze sections will be fitted together and welded with bronze rod.   


The bronze medallion will then be polished and finished out so that you can not tell that the medallion was ever in nine sections.    

We will deliver the Medallion to Dallas and help over see the installation because it is important that we accompany the memorial to the end.       

Call for Interns ( 0 )

Betz Art Foundry Call For Interns




Betz Art Foundry, located in Houston, Texas, has two immediate openings for volunteers for Summer Internships. We are looking for bright, talented people, either high school or college students, who have a passion for and an interest in the lost wax method of casting bronze sculpture.

Interns will have a structured experience, from learning how to handle the day to day operations of a foundry, access to a working art studio, and experience of all phases of bronze casting for sculptures.

Internships are sixteen hours a week and can be flexible.

Interns will be given an opportunity to cast a sculpture from start to finish.

Interns will be selected by the staff of Betz Art Foundry.


To apply, please e-mail us a resume, letter of interest and two references to

DEADLINES: For each internship term, applications must be submitted  by the following dates:

Summer: May 15th, 2012

Fall: July 15th, 2012

Winter: September 15th, 2012

Call For Sculptors ( 0 )

This is a test

Commission Gallery ( 4 )
Commissions ( 2 )

Betz Art Foundry specializes in commission sculptures and has artists on staff to complete a wide variety of pieces including memorials, busts, and sculptures of your children or pets as well as Veteran Memorials and City Goverment Sculpture.  We offer free consultations and promise quality at an affordable price. We look foward to working with you on your next project. Click here to contact us directly.


Scroll down to see our work:

Allen Brothers sculptures in front of City Hall in Downtown Houston, Texas



Veteran Memorial Sculptures


Battle Cross, Bronze War Memorial Sculpture 
Veterans Memorial Park and Musuem in Tampa Florida.

Small Battle Cross
Helping a Hero National Gala


The Military Man
City of San Benito

Iraq War Memorial Medallion

Memorial Sculptures


City Government


Pearland Chamber of Commerce
Commerative Sculpture


City Firefighters Memorial


Church and Religious Sculptures


Our Lady of Guadalupe Church - Port Arthur, Texas.

Our Lady of Guadalupe
Port Arthur Tx

Design Services ( 0 )


      At Betz Art Foundry our team can create and custom design almost anything for you. we spend time with each client learning what they are interested in creating and then we do mock ups in plasticene for review before we cast them.

We have done custom design work for large companies such as McDugald Steele and also custom desgins for individuals.  We have done work like the custom fountains to the left. Each element was hand carved to match the antique front door of an estate in River Oaks.





 To the right are custom designed door handles for a client's new home in New York. They were first hand carved in wax after discussing with the client what look she wanted to achieve. 







Custom Designed plaques three feet wide for the Veterans Memorial Park in Tampa, Florida. Again, these were first carved in plasticene and then cast in bronze to be mounted onto a cement arch way at the park.







Custom designed "Memorial Angel' 

Lori Betz is shown here working in wax; the final

sculpture sits on a boulder at the Glenwood Cemetery.

Foundry News and Events ( 0 )











Second Saturday open workshops!

Every second saturday of the month is the open studio tour in the arts district on the east side of downtown Houston. If you are an art lover and would like to discover new and exciting venues then join us every second saturday of the month for the "Arts District Second Saturday Art Walk". 


On the second saturday Betz Art Foundry offers free sculpture workshops open to the public.  The workshops are from 1pm-3pm and are hosted at the Betz Art Foundry sculpture showroom.  It is open to all levels of abillity and artist Lori BEtz will be the teacher. She encourages artists that are working on a current project and would like more information on how to enlarge or reduce the working drawing or maquett to bring their projects with them for consultation.  Lori Betz will go over an introduction to sculpture and how to get started, she will then work with each participant on thier individual needs.  For more information call 713-576-6954  or email




 Betz Art Gallery owner Lori Betz is please to announce the grand opening of the Betz Art Foundry on April 14th  6pm-9pm

In conjunction with grand opening,  Scuplturworx an exhibit of  sculpture by artist Lori Betz will also open. This exhibit will feature Houston Ballet soloists, Peter Franc and Nao Kusuzanke, who were choreographed with the help of the Artistic Director of the Houston Ballet, Stanton Walsh.  In addition to the Dancer’s Series,  there also will be a variety of other sculptures created by Betz.

Betz Art Foundry offers state of the art bronze casting services for artists. The foundry specialize in bronze patina services, mold making and features over 25 years of experience in casting bronze sculptures.

In addition there will be a full sculpture showroom, which will be open to the public Tuesday – Saturday 10 am-5pm. The foundry in the historic Houston art district and  is located at 2500 Summer Street, Houston, Texas 77007, in the Summer Street Studios.

Click here for more information on our foundry services



The Artists at Summer Street Studios present:

Summer Street Arts Festival!

Saturday April 14th, 2012
Summer Street Art Studios
2500 Summer St.
Houston Texas 77007

starts at 7pm

Admission: $10

1st floor Art Market
2nd floor Fashion Show
various open studios throughout the building
random art performances
complimentary drinks

One Night Only!!

FASHION SHOWS (2nd floor-starts at 9pm)

designs by:

Freddie Barrett Designs

Serena Hightower aka Dr. Fred!

Aimee Jones

Jason Villegas


Art installations by:

Rene Cruz


Mindy Kober

Raiko "Esto" Nin


Live Screen Printing by Donkey Paw Screen Printing


music by:

Perseph One


The Boulevard Nights

2Pat Perez

John "Insert Credits" Saenz

plus more to be announced!


art performances:

Adult Puppet Show by KJPT

"Lazer lights on the big heads!" by Robert Bluntsworth

Body painting by W3R3 ON3 & JERK

1st Floor Art Market (1st floor-more tba)

For Arts Market booth info email or call:

Foundry Services ( 0 )

Betz Art Foundry provides all of the art foundry services you need to successfully complete your bronze casting projects.  Owner and artist Lori Betz combines her talents with the services of Miguel Macias, a Foundry Master with 25 years of experience.  You can trust your fine art project to us. 

We offer competitive pricing and estimates.  Just send us a picture or a detailed sketch of the art work that you would like cast.  For an accurate quote, include the dimensions, a description of the surface texture, your preference of patina and polished surfaces, and the quantity of castings you desire.  We will email and call you with an estimate.  It is that easy!!

Click here for a quote



Mold Making.  Our team of expert mold-makers can mold your artwork with brush-on or poured silicone molds with fiberglass or plaster jackets, depending upon your casting requirements and budget.

Properly deciding where to devide the sculpture for casting is very important to the final integrity of the work of art and our foundry master, Miguel Macias, has over 25 years experience in sculpture casting.   Usually a rubber mold is created using A high quality silicone rubber with either a fiberglass or plaster “mother mold” or casing which allows for us to make a hollow wax impression of the original sculpture. Split pattern molds consist of a top section that is called a cope and a bottom section called a drag.  Both mold types, solid and split pattern,have a core that is inserted to complete the mold. This is an important part of the molding process because it creates cavities and angles. We pay great attention to details so that you as an artist have a final sculpture that is true to the original. click here to see the whole mold making process


Lost Wax Casting.  We are experts at casting all sorts of artworks using only the finest grade of silicon bronze. Next the mold is used to create a wax replica. The wax replica is made by pouring 3-5 coats of heated wax into the rubber mold, temperatures and timing are critical to make a wax that will be exactly the right thickness and will retain all the details of the original.  We then work on a refine the wax replica for any imperfections. Some artists like to work on the wax replicas at this stage or even to add elements to the sculpture.  Numerous wax replicas can be pulled from a single mold.
The wax replicas will have to be dipped in a ceramic shell so that the wax can be melted out and the bronze poured in. But first each wax replica must have wax rods and fummels attatched to for path ways for the bronze to flow in and the air to escape when the wax is melted out of a ceramic shell.

After the wax is melted out of the shell the replica is ready for the bronze to be poured in. Betz Art Foundry only uses the highest quality silicon bronze for our sculptures.  After the bronze has cooled the ceramic shell is chipped away and cleaned off and the metal is chased and polished and all pieces all reassembled and refined with small hand tools to preserve the finest of detail.

Patination.  We can create and apply a wide range of patinas to your cast bronze artworks. Bronze Patination or Distressing: This process allows bronze to be tarnished through chemical or oxidation process. The bronze is often colored though a serious of oxides and carbonates that are formed on the surface.  As these particulates accumulate, the surface colors changes. The chemical process, or patination, has our statues covered until the desired affect is achieved.   Our talented patina artists offer a wide variety of choices and unique colors to satisfy your needs as an artist.



Project Consulting and Enlargement.  We are happy to sit down with you and go over your specific needs for your project.  We can enlarge your sculpture or reduce it and help you to save time and money in the process.  We can have your maquette digitally sacnned by a a comptureized 3D scanning technology that is extremely accurate.  We can then have a foam replica made in any size. The artist can then use this replica as an armature or we can simply spray it with clay or coat it in wax and make your casting directly from this figure or the artist can then work on the piece and refine it to what they desire. 

From small to monumental, Betz Art Foundry can help you find the process and technology that you need to complete your fine art project.

We love to do commissions!  Memorials, Busts, Sculptures of your children or pets.  Free consultations and quality work at affordable prices.  Just call or email us to discuss your project.

Please call us to set up an appointment (713) 576-6954

ShippingWe safely ship artworks all over the world using foam packaging system.  For larger bronze sculptures, we construct wood crates in-house

Fountains and Water Features ( 0 )



The Designers at Betz Art Foundry worked with the landscape architectural firm McDugald Steele to create these large bronze fountain bowls.  We collaborated with McDugald Steele to help them realize design changes and new possibilities for their project.  During design consultations, we spent time with the clients, learning about their total project vision.  Our artists suggested thematic visual elements that referenced the project's other architectural structures, and the collaboration yielded a beautiful product that integrated seamlessly into the space.

Call or email us for a quote on your project today!


Gregory ( 0 )


Gregory has worked with Miguel Macias as a Foundry Assistant for several years.  His knowledge of the various elements of the casting process adds to the quality and efficiency of the foundry's production.

Gregory assists with all stages of the casting process.  Whether it be mold-making, wax-working, pouring or finish work, he steps in to help produce excellent work.

In the News ( 2 )

Keep up  with Betz Art Foundry News and Happenings:

In the News ( 6 )















































Jessica Jacobi ( 0 )

Jessica Jacobi

Jacobi recieved her MFA in Metalsmithing and Jewelry Design from Texas Tech University, and she incorporates this background into her sculptural approach.  Her love of details and fine craftsmanship appear in her work, as well as her passion for art that possesses meaning and narrative. 

Working on design work for the foundry, Jacobi specializes in fine detail work.  Her bakground in jewelry design easily lends itself towards delicate or precise detailing. 


Jacobi exhibits her art nationally, and selected exhibitions include Jewelry + Objects, hosted by the Michigan Silversmiths Guild in Mt. Clemon, Michigan, The Art of Fine Craft, at the Elder Gallery at The University of Nebraska, Analogous, at the Runnels Gallery at Eastern New Mexico University, and CraftTEXAS at the Houston Center for Contemporary Craft.  Her work is in the collections of The University of Texas at Austin and the Louise Hopkins Underwood Collection, and appears in the Lark publication 500 Earrings.


Jonatan Lopez ( 0 )

Jonatan Lopez

Jonatan Lopez is an active Houston artist.  He works with metal in casting and fabrication, and he received his sculpture training from Houston Community College. 

Lopez employs an interdisciplinary approach to his artwork, and this experimetnal energy gives him a fresh perspective to the aesthetics of contemporary sculpture. 

Lori Betz ( 0 )

Lori Betz

Lori Betz is a fine art sculptor whose work is collected and displayed both nationally and internationally.  

After graduating from the University of Texas I did my
residency at the Shigaraki Institute, Japan. After my residency
 was over I sought out instructors to apprentice with and this
lead me to travel and study with as many influential artists as I could.
A few instructors I have studied with would include artist
Alan Bain in Procopia,Greece and in Cortona, Italy with artist Alex Deya
and I was fortunate enough to have studied
raku with the famous artist, Paul Soldner, in Anderson, Colorado.
I came back to the United States to pursue a
masters degree in studio art but part way through I decided to open
my own gallery and to immerse myself in the process. Betz Art
Gallery was open for 12 years and located in the heart of
Houston. In 2012 Miguel Macias, who had been my foundry master for 3
years, and I decided to create a partnership and open Betz Art
Foundry in Summer Street Warehouse in the downtown Houston Arts
District. Miguel Macias is a master in all aspects of bronze investment
casting and has been casting my sculptures for many years. Our
partnership is a merging of two artists with 50years of experience
between us, coming together to create works of public art in order to
engage and enrich our community.

Every year I participate in several group and solo exhibitions and my work
has been included in many public and private collections. In 2010 I
was commissioned to sculpt a memorial bronze of two figures for the
Pearland Chamber of Commerce. In 2011 I sculpted a bronze of two
of the soloists dancers for the Houston Ballet and I am currently
working on a life size bronze for the Tampa, Florida Iraqi War
Memorial. I am also completing a lifesized angel for Glenwood Cemetary
My 6 foot tall figurative sculpture was chosen by the Loveland Sculpture Invitational’s
 Sculpture Garden.

 In 2013 I am currently working on five lifesized war heroes for the
Florida Veterans War Memorial. Some of my work canbe viewed at

Her work demonstrates her respect for the classical canons of art and design while maintaining a contemporary relevancy.  Betz displays refined skills and a vision that extends to a worldly perspective.  Her passion for public art translates into an exciting energy in her approach to the sculptural process. 

Betz's figuartive sculptures capture moments of grace, beauty, and vulnerability in her subjects.  Her artworks speak to moments and conditions that touch everyone, and they do so with a dignified strength. 

Memorials ( 0 )


We take great pride in our custom bronze work, and this provides you the opportunity to create a truly unique and original memorial.  We create bronze plaques and custom memorial sculptures, all with an exceptional eye for detail. 

Our team of fine art designers will work with you to meet your specifications for your memorial, while helping to design a piece of fine art bronze that will endure with classic beauty and grace.

Call or email us for a quote on your project!




Artist Lori Betz was commissioned to create a sculptural bronze memorial in Glenwood Cemetery.  The memorial included a life size woman, gazing in quiet repose, as well as a baby angel, offering a message of peace and spirituality.

Betz had many consultations with the client, to ensure that these special scultpures created the perfect look and atmosphere.  She worked from a live model in order to capture and convey the transient expressions of grace.  The resulting sculptures evoke the timeless artistry and traditional elegance of the long lineage of fine art bronzes.


"Tree Cross with Hummingbird, Lillies and Family Cat"  Reid Memorial in Glenwood Cemetary

I custom designed this memorial for the Reid Family and included elements that were special

to the family like their cat and the lillies.  It is not only special and unique to them but also an attractive and outstanding bronze sculpture.

Miguel Macias ( 0 )

Miguel Macias

His excellence in technical refinement is enhanced by his artistic abilities, which give him a subtle understanding of form and finish.  His experience includes sculptures that range from a handheld to monumental scale.  He possesses a thorough knowledge of every aspect of the casting process, from beginning a sculpture to the finishing patina.  Macias truly demonstrates his mastery of the casting process with every sculpture created at Betz Art Foundry.

Miguel Macias is trained in portraiture and abstract compositions, and an example of his monumental sculpture is The Madonna, a 17 foot tall sculpture completed for Our Lady of Guadalupe Church in Port Arthur, TX.

Mold Making ( 0 )



            If the sculpture is large or has complicated parts then it will most likely have to be cut into sections so that it can be molded and then cast easily. The sections will later be welded back together and finished out.  This is an 8 foot sculpture by artist Jerry Gorman that Miguel is cutting into sections for the mold making process.


  A rubber mold is made first so that none of the detail is lost. This process requires about seven layers of brush on rubber. The rubber mold can not hold up on it's own so a plaster "mother mold" or outer mold must be made next.

This is what the rubber mold looks like encased in the plaster mother mold.


This picture shows the "shims" or plastic seperation lines that will help to keep the different sections of the mold from sticking to each other. A mold release is also used.

Once the mold sections are removed from the original then wax is poured onto or into the molds to make a wax positive. This way multiple copies of the original can be made from the same mold.  The wax will be melted out later in the process

The wax sections are coated with a ceramic slurry that will form a hard shell the wax will be melted out in a kiln and the molten bronze will be poured into the then hollow shell. The wax sections are "sprued" so that when bronze is  poured in the air can escape.

The ceramic shell is removed and the bronze is polished and ready for the patina. The bronze must be heated with a torch to prepare it to accept the chemicals for the patinas.

Monuments and Life Sized Bronze ( 0 )




"The Allen Brothers" founders of Houston permanently installed in front of City Hall Downtown Houston"



City of Pearland Chamber of commerce "Workers" monument

A life sized bronze monument is a stunning work of art.  We take pride in our abilities to artistically design and create such a magnificent work, as well as our foundry skills and our quality craftsmanship in executing the bronze.  We will utilize our diverse and exceptional skill set to help you create a unique and memorable monument.  We excel at creating beautiful works of art that convey a story, and we would love to bring these strengths to your project.

We have extensive experience on large scale bronzes, and with our in-depth understanding of both the design and casting process, we can work collaboratively with you to help you realize your project needs. 

Call or email us today to get a quote on your project!


Our Team ( 0 )

At Betz Art Foundry we pride ourselves on our aristic approach to creating and producing sculptures.  Our team includes professional artists who offer quality and innovative design work along with an understanding of casting.  Here at the foundry, we do it all!  We are passionate about sculpture, creative solutions, and qualtiy craftsmanship.

Our Team Members:

Lori Betz: Artist/Owner

Lori Betz is a fine art sculptor and the owner of Betz Art Foundry.  (read more)


Jessica Jacobi: Designer/Artist

Jessica Jacobi is a Designer at Betz Art Foundry, specializing in detail work.  She has her Master of Fine Arts in Metalsmithing and Jewelry Design from Texas Tech University. (read more)


Jonathan Lopez: Designer/Artist

Jonatan Lopez is Designer at Betz Art Foundry.  Lopez was trained in sculpture at the University of Houston, and as an active artist he brings creativity and expressiveness to the sculptural process. (read more)

Plaques and Medallions ( 0 )


Plaques and medallions are a classic way to honor and commemorate an event, person, or achievment.  They can also add timeless beauty and ornamental elegance to architectural structures.

Our team at Betz Art Foundry can help you create a unique and exceptional plaque for your project.  Our fine art designers are experienced in relief carving, and they can work with you to develop a magnificent bronze that conveys both aesthetic beauty and meaning.

We have created large memorial medallions for public projects like the Veterans Memorial Park and Museum in Tampa, Florida.  We have also worked with individuals who would like a personalized and custom plaque to honor their loved ones.  Whatever your project, we are experienced and happy to collaborate with you!

Call or email us for a quote on your project!


Portrait Busts ( 0 )



i can work from photos or even better, from a live model. I am great at capturing the essence of

a subject and bringing them to life in bronze. Featured here is Jerry Stoller of Stoller International

I only had a magazine to use for the bust but it came out beautifully.

Our team of fine art designers can create a magnificent and dignified likeness of you or your family.  Our designers have extensive fine art experience, and they can create portraits that capture the likeness of an individual and elevate it in an expressive and magnificent sculpture.  

A bronze portrait bust is an elegant way to commemorate an individual for his or her achievements and contributions.  We have considerable experience in figurative work, and we can work collaboratively with you to create a portait that expresses your desires.

Call or email us for a quote on your project today!


Public and Private Commissions ( 0 )

At Betz Art Foundry, our team of Designers works on a variety of public and corporate commissions.  Whether it is a bold aesthetic statement piece or a commemorative project, our talented Designers provide exquisite custom work.  We collaborate with and include the client to ensure that the final product is a beautiful piece of art that is uniquley customized to their needs.


Elegant Fountains

The Designers at Betz Art Foundry worked with the landscape architectural firm McDugald Steele to create these large bronze fountain bowls.  We collaborated with McDugald Steele to help them realize design changes and new possibilities for their project.  During design consultations, we spent time with the clients, learning about their total project vision.  Our artists suggested thematic visual elements that referenced the project's other architectural structures, and the collaboration yielded a beautiful product that integrated seamlessly into the space.

Sculpture Gallery ( 25 )


Letting Go (more) Balancing Act (more) Atlas (more)
Dominico (more) Dominic Walsh (more) Dance - The Language of Souls (more)
Acrobat (more) Letting Go Small (more) Rythmic Gymnast (more)
Comanche (more) Cirque II (more) Cirque II (more)
Cirque I (more) Joy (more)  

Public and Corporate Commissions

"Allen Brothers" in front of the Court House downtown Houston, Texas

Pearland Workers (more) Iraq War Memorial (more) Iraq War Memorial (more)
Battle Cross for
Iraq Veterans
Upcoming Events ( 2 )



  Sculpture Workshop 2017

  Working from life, the Positive Approach to
  Sculpting  with artist Lori Betz

The workshop will concentrate on methods of clay
modeling working from a live model in water based clay.
 We will study the  anatomy and proportions of the human
figure, with the emphasis on developing form and beautiful
compostion. The workshop will provide an in-depth
 exploration of the human figure  while working from
the same model each day. Each person will receive
 individual attention, including demonstrations on
 anatomy and technique.

This is a three week course on Saturday and Sunday from
10:30-3pm with a lunch break. The cost is $350 not including some supplies. There will be all levels in the class so don't worry if you are a beginner. I plan to start the class the second week in May, the 13th and do two weekends and then skip a week for memorial weekend and then finish up the first weekend in June, anyone who wants to work straight through memorial weekend can do so. I will have everything that you need for supplies.  If you're interested let me know because last year this workshop filled up the first week and pass on this info to anyone you think might be interested.   Thanks and I hope that you can join us we have a lot of fun and you will learn a lot.

For workshop dates contact Lori Betz at 713-576-6954




Upcoming Events 2016

September 2016 Events:

Bronze In Motion

A collaboration by

Saturday / September 24 / 2016
Reception and cocktails at 6 p.m.
Performance starts at 6.30 p.m.
24 Waterway / The Woodlands / Texas 77380

RSVP to Dragos Tapu / Gallery Owner / 832.557.8781"

Video ( 0 )



About Lori


Lori's Scupltures 


Investment Casting Pouring Bronze Into Ceramic Shells

Bronze Casting




War Memorials ( 0 )

Betz Art Foundry "Battle Cross" War Memorial   SIX FOOT TALL BATTLE CROSS WAR MEMORIAL  Call for Price 713-576-6954


War Memorials ( 0 )


A war memorial offers the community a place of reverence and rememberence in the wake of great sacrifice.  Our team of fine art designers holds great respect for this, and we are experienced in creating art bronzes that communicate emotion and meaning to the viewer. 

We have created large scale war memorials in both free-standing monuments and sculptural reliefs.  Our war memorials are featured in the Veterans Memorial Park and Museum in Tampa, Florida.  Through direct and genuine collaboration with our clients, we create memorials that achieve both a universal expression of emotion and sense of unique and specific relevance for the community.

Call or email to get a quote on your project!




Betz Art Foundry was commisssioned to create a Battle Cross, Bronze War Memorial Sculpture for the Veterans Memorial Park and Musuem in Tampa Florida. 

"We are very excited about being involved in this project because it has a lot of meaning to us and the veterans involved," said sculptor and owner, Lori Betz.  "I started working on this project by first doing a rough sketch for the committee involved in planning for the park."  Once the committee approved the sketch Betz started work on the “maquette” for the sculpture.  The maquette is a small version of what the original will look like made out of wax.  Betz traveled to Tampa and had the maquette approved.  After this interactive collaboration with the committe, Betz completed the monumental sculpture.


Lori Betz created and donated this bronze sculpture, Battle Cross, to the Helping a Hero National Gala.  Helping a Hero is a non-profit organization that fosters support for military personnel that have been wounded in service.  The Gala was a spectacular fundraising event that raised over $3 million to build specially-adapted homes for wounded soldiers. The November 2012 National Gala featured George W. Bush as a Patriot Award winner. In addtion, a silent auction was held and this sculpture was amount the items auctioned that evening. We were very honored to participate, said artist Lori Betz.  "We are deeply in debted to our soilders and we were so happy that our participation helped provide homes for our heros. It was our way to thank them."









Previous Workshops


June 15-16 and 22-23


Mold Making  and Armatures,  June 15-16  Friday and Saturday.   10am-3pm        The class will learn how to make an aramature and materials will be provided to make two armatures to take home. Then the class will work on sculting a basic head, we will go over anatomy and proportions,  and then we will use this sculpture to make a two part mold. More complicated molds will be discussed and demonstrated.  If you are an artist that already have a small sculpture ready to be cast please call me and we discuss casting this sculpture in this class for you.


Sculpting the Human Form w/live Model, June 22-23  Friday and Saturday. 10am-3pm     The class will learn proportions and sculpting a torso. We will go over armatures and different casting options.  We will also talk about creativity and different ways to represent the human form. 


All Materials included  $75/class



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