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About Betz Art Foundry


"Allen Brother" sculptures in front of Houston's Downtown City Hall by artist Lori Betz



Most foundries have in-house sculpture artists that can work on custom art pieces. Betz Art Foundry is unique becuase Lori Betz is both the owner and the in-house sculptor. Betz's long career as a sculptor demonstrates her prowess and sophistication.  She has completed numerous commissioned works, both for individuals and for cities, such as Pearland, Tx. and the Tampa, Florida Veterans War Memorial Park.

Betz Art Foundry creates custom sculpture pieces, ranging in scale from miniatures to larger-than-life size works.  We will happily provide references upon request.  All of our custom sculptures and commissions are designed to meet the expectation of each of our clients. We keep them fully engaged in the process as we work through the stages, from the armature to the completed bronze sculpture.

We love to do commissions! Memorials, busts, or sculptures of your children or pets. We offer free consultations and quality work at affordable prices. Just call or email us to discuss your project.

We also feature a full showroom where the work of our sculptors is displayed. In addition, we feature original abstract and figurative paintings.

23614 Hickory Dr

Porter, Texas 77365

(713) 576-6954

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Casting Bronze Through The Ages
It has been said that the process of casting bronze has seemingly transformed many cultures and societies throughout all of recorded history. Before it was introduced, people often favored the use of copper in their daily lives.
The Ins and Outs of An Art Foundry
An art foundry is a business or location capable of casting and creating beautiful pieces of artwork. The process is actually complicated, making an art foundry a piece of heaven for those people needing these services.
Techniques and Applications of Bronze Forging
Contoured rolled rings, seamless rolled rings, and open die are all intriguing and historical ways of bronze forging. The techniques add to the capabilities of artists around the world.
How To Find A Sculpture For Sale
A trip to a gallery, either online or a physical location, can lead to the discovery of a sculpture for sale. Artists often create their works of art from the expression and imagination that lives within.
How A Foundry Produces Sculptures
A foundry produces items that are created with the use of molds. The same process has been used for centuries, with only a few modifications in foundry technologies.
The Uses of Bronze Art
Bronze art can add something rather striking to a collection. Instead of just two dimensional paintings, now the owner can boast three dimensional sculptures.
Inner Workings of Bronze Foundries
Bronze foundries can provide a great deal of support for artists who want to produce their work in metal. Most artists do not have the facilities or the proper materials necessary available to them.
Bronze Sculptors and Their Influence
Bronze sculptors take one of the most popular metals and a lot of talent to create an intriguing piece of artwork. Popular throughout history, this combination of copper and tin has been utilized for everything from household cookware to weapons of war because of its versatility and durability.
The Wonders of a Sculpture Gallery
Few things compare to the diversity and beauty found within a sculpture gallery. Whether viewing past or present artwork, the imagination is set free upon investigating these unique and vibrant masterpieces.
The Benefits of Resin Molds
Many artists use resin molds to make small reproductions of art work. This type of casting is used in the production of many common items that are seen every day, such as small statuettes, toys, key chains, jewelry, game pieces, home décor and a number of other items.
The Significance of Bronze Sculptures
There are many places where bronze sculptures are found and enjoyed, including homes, gardens, parks, zoos, tombs and much more. No doubt, anyone that has ever walked into a state park or a historical area in a city has seen these compelling works of art.
The Importance of Foundries
Artists in need of sculpture services are very aware of the various foundries in their area. The artist’s model for the sculpture is usually made from a plaster type of mold.
The Workings of a Bronze Foundry
Artists working with sculptures often choose a bronze foundry to complete their works of art. The artistic expressions that they sculpt are usually done in a temporary type of cast first.
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Displaying 1 to 14 (of 14 articles) Result Pages:  1 

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